…we weren’t the only ones in our community who was concerned about that. So we, as a health care organization are already in partnership with any number of non-profits in our community. And when the opportunity presented itself through a piece of legislation, SB 21.129, we will have the opportunity to apply for funds from the State from the behavior and health administration. To build out the collaborative we call Next Chapter. We call it Next Chapter intentionally, because the stigma around seeking mental health, prevents a lot of veterans and their families just from reaching out or even asking for help. We knew initially we had to get past a lot of that veteran cultural stigma that was out there. So we framed it as the Next Chapter of your life is not yet written. And you have the power today, to change what happens tomorrow. I read that, often when veterans are having these mental health issues, they are afraid to talk about it. They feel they may be locked up, or their guns taken away, or shamed. How do you overcome that?