The Background

Next Chapter is funded through Colorado SB129. This act required the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) to establish a veteran suicide prevention pilot program to reduce the suicide rate and suicidal ideation among Veterans by providing no-cost, stigma-free, confidential, and effective behavioral health treatment for up to 700 Veterans and their families in El Paso County. 

The Need

A recent report by the El Paso County Coroner’s Office revealed a troubling trend. While suicides went down countywide, numbers went up among the military population. Of the county’s 176 deaths by suicide in 2021, 53 were identified as active duty and military Veterans. That is a 10 percent increase from 2020. From a state perspective, Colorado continues to outpace the national average for Veteran and military suicides as well. 

How We Can Help

The stigma of seeking help has taken too many of our Veteran brothers and sisters.  We are at a crossroads, a crucial moment in El Paso County where we can make a difference.  If you are a Veteran and want to continue your service to others, contact us and see how your fellow Veterans can benefit from your talents and time.  We, at UCHealth and Next Chapter, look forward to partnering with individuals and organizations in El Paso County as we support our Veterans and their families. We’re in this together to save lives!