A pilot program started in El Paso County to prevent suicide among veterans provides a wrap around approach to help with debt, divorce, depression and other kinds of stress and foster wellness — rather than simply waiting for a crisis. So far, it’s seen high demand.

“You really have to understand the nature of the problem,” explained Damian McCabe, director of behavioral … health-military affairs for UCHealth. “It is not the same for any two people.” All kinds of factors can contribute to someone choosing to end their life, such as losing a job, ending a relationship, fighting over child custody and facing a huge pile of debt. So the pilot works across the clinical and social side to promote wellness … .

Nationally, suicide among veterans has been a persistent problem and likely underreported by the Department of Veterans Affairs nationally.

The most recent VA report found that about 17 veterans died per day in 2020. But an outside analysis by America’s Warrior Partnership of eight states…

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