That’s the message behind an organization called Next Chapter. Demian mccabe is here to tell us all about it for this week’s help from the Homefront segment. Good morning to you. Good morning. Happy thanksgiving. A few days late. Thank you very much. Did you have a nice holiday? We did have a quiet holiday home. How these can be really making. Some of them are chaotic to write all right. Well, let’s learn all about Next Chapter this morning. We’re so happy to have you on the show. You never been on before. So first of all, what is the mission of the organization?

So Next Chapter is a program that’s led by UC Health in the Southern Colorado region and we partner with veteran service organizations and family support organizations in our community. The veterans and their families have access to a whole range of what we call psychosocial and psychiatric care at no cost, right?

So they just reach out to us. They tell us what’s going on. Identify the services that they would best need offer that to them. Then we schedule and get the book and get them to see that provider and then we pick up the bill for that cost