” The term “stand down” w created in world war ii — when military members were told to stand down for rest and recovery after combat. the term is now used across the country.. asking that homeless veterans stand down for a day to receive resources– these resources include benefits like—employment opportunities,,, free hair cuts,,, health check ups… and a variety of warm clothing options including socks and jackets each veteran is also provided an escort from an active duty service member. mt carmel is joined by other organizations such as hire heroes usa,,, vets4vets,,, kangaroo coffee,,, ma-kenzie place,, and the salvation mobile canteen — to make the event possible. last year — the el paso county stand down helped 123 veterans. the v-a eastern colorado health care system will co- host the day — at the city auditorium from 9 to 2 today… with the goal to help end a veteran homelessness. reporting “