“This is my Next Chapter”

Aug 1, 2022 | Stories

Julius McLeod is a Veteran of the United States Army who served for over a decade. After returning home and reacclimating to life outside the military, Julius developed depression, problems with alcohol, and suicidal thoughts. Today, with the help of Next Chapter, Julius is embarking on new uplifting phase of life.   

While most people shy away from discussing their behavioral health, Julius is putting his front and center. After the devastation of seeing some of his close Veteran friends take their own lives, Julius decided to use his story for good. “I am really tired of losing people I care about. If there’s something I can do to help others, I will. When I heard about the Next Chapter collaborative, I asked to be a part of it.” 

 Julius is featured across various Next Chapter marketing elements, including a television commercial and an unfiltered conversation with a Next Chapter clinician. “I think the most comforting part of the whole process, is just knowing that you’re not alone. Every Veteran deserves a bright future. I encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out for support.”